What is RMP?

RMP is a roof maintenance protection plan designed to protect and prolong the life of your roof and save you on replacement of your roof when damaged by storms or other perils.

About Rmp Roofing

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Why Choose RMP Roofing?

Are Roofing Crews attend trainings every year to stay abreast of the latest trends and new product Technologies. For example, we use a synthetic felt for the underlayment between your roof decking and shingles. It provides a greater adhesion and creates a great seal and does not tear like the standard paper felt does. This is one of the many upgrades that we pass on to our customers at no cost.


No matter what your Roofing needs or other construction projects you may have, RMP is here to serve your needs.


 Check out the RMP protection plan to see how you can have peace of mind year-in and year-out during the life of your roof.

RMP Gutters

RMP offers a gutter service where we will clean your gutters, seal the seams with sealant and install gutter covers. Ask your service technician for a detailed estimate.

RMP Repairs

RMP will repair holes and replace rotted wood on soffits and fascia boards and paint. Prevent further damage and keep small animals out of your house. Ask your service technician for a detailed estimate.

Annual Protection


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The RMP protection plan covers only the primary residence and not multiple structures on the property.

*Ask your RMP service technician for a separate quote for metal, slate, clay tile and commercial roofs.

RMP liability is limited to and governed by the RMP Customer Agreement.


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